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Delivering Stronger Protections to Put Consumers First

December 19, 2019 10:00 A.M. Ministry of Government and Consumer Services

TORONTO — Ontario's government has taken action over the last few months to strengthen protection and enhance business practices for the people of Ontario — at home, online and in our communities.

"The people of Ontario need to feel confident that there are strong protections in place when they spend their hard-earned money," said Lisa Thompson, Minister of Government and Consumer Services. "This is why we are changing outdated rules and taking a digital first approach to deliver stronger protections that are responsive to the needs of consumers, while fostering the continued growth of a thriving economy for this province."

Ontario is continuing to move forward with its plan to work smarter by putting consumer's first. Recent accomplishments made by the government to strengthen consumer protection while reducing burden on business include:

  • Introducing proposed legislation through the Rebuilding Consumer Confidence Act, 2019 that would, if passed, overhaul the Ontario new home warranty and protection program and the Tarion Warranty Corporation to reduce the role of builders and provide more focus on protecting consumers.
  • Proposing legislation through the Trust in Real Estate Services Act, 2019 that would, if passed, modernize rules for registered real estate brokerages, brokers and salespersons and better protect consumers when buying or selling real estate in Ontario.
  • Implementing changes to the rules under the Vintners Quality Alliance Act,1999 that reduces red tape and provides more flexibility to wineries across the province, expanding wine choices for consumers. One of these changes was adding the Marquette hybrid grape variety to the list of permitted grape varieties to be eligible for Vintners Quality Alliance Ontario approval.

Ontario's government is listening to the needs and concerns of consumers to help better protect them. Throughout 2019, the government has been consulting on three main pillars — protecting the privacy of Ontarians, enabling businesses to compete digitally and enabling better, smarter, more efficient government ― to help inform the creation of Ontario's Digital and Data Action plan. Feedback from these consultations will help the government develop an efficient and effective action plan to protect consumers in Ontario.

The province will also be conducting a review of the Consumer Protection Act, 2002 in 2020 — the first comprehensive review in almost 15 years — providing the people of Ontario with an opportunity to share how the act can better keep pace with today's marketplace and further strengthen consumer protection.

"I look forward to hearing from Ontarians in the new year as we move forward with the Rebuilding Consumer Confidence Act and the Trust in Real Estate Services Act," said Thompson. "Since I assumed my role as Minister of Government and Consumer Services, we have made great strides to strengthen business practices, while protecting consumers and keeping Ontario open for business."

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