Government's "Open for Jobs" Plan Working

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Province Supports Job Creators and Workers

September 6, 2019 9:38 A.M. Ministry of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade

TORONTO -The Ontario government continues to create the conditions where businesses can thrive, grow and create good jobs for people.

Statistics Canada announced this morning that employment in Ontario increased by 57,800 in August. Since June 2018, employment in Ontario has risen by 231,300 jobs.

"We promised that we would put Ontario back on track and that is exactly what we are doing," said Vic Fedeli, Minister of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade. "Creating new full-time jobs is the highest priority for us, and we are pleased to see that our plan is yielding results. Our government is creating a climate that is open for business and open for jobs by taking actions that are saving businesses $5 billion this year alone. We're also working towards eliminating unnecessary regulations and red tape that hold job creators back."

Businesses are investing in the province, expanding job opportunities and growing the economy.

The positive momentum was reflected in the recently released Ontario Employment Report. It showed the province gained 202,900 net new jobs between the second quarters (April to June) of 2018 and 2019 — 126,000 of those new positions were full-time jobs. As well, the average hourly wage increased by 3 per cent, to $28.25 per hour in the second quarter of 2019, compared to the same period the previous year.

"Ontario is heading in the right direction," said Fedeli. "We are laying the foundation for a better economy that is benefitting workers and job creators alike."

Quick Facts

  • Between August 2018 and August 2019, employment in Ontario increased by 249,700.



  • The government is committed to cutting red tape and reducing regulatory burdens to help lower the costs of doing business and support economic growth throughout the province.


  • Ontario’s Open for Business Action Plan has set a target the cost of complying with regulations affecting businesses by $400 million annually by 2020 to help business keep, grow and create good jobs.

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