COVID-19 Updates

Ontario Takes Further Action to Protect Seniors and Staff in Long-Term Care Homes during COVID-19 Outbreak

Mandate of Incident Management System Long-Term Care Table Extended

Ontario Taking Action at High Risk Long-Term Care Homes

Government deploying inspection teams to long-term care homes, starting process for alternative management to take over five long-term care homes


Ontario Extending Emergency Orders During COVID-19 Outbreak

Public health and safety remain top priorities

Ontario Takes Immediate Action to Investigate Worst Hit Long-Term Care Homes

Canadian Armed Forces support helping to stabilize five long-term care homes

Volunteers and Small Businesses Step Up to Help Those in Need

More than 6,500 Ontarians offer to deliver food, run errands and connect with seniors and people with disabilities during COVID-19


Ontario Helps People Impacted by COVID-19 Get Back to Work

New Programs Focus on Hospitality Workers and Apprentices

Ontario Leading COVID-19 Research in Canada

Province Announces First Phase of Research Projects to Fight COVID-19

As Ontario Reopens, People Urged to Continue Following Public Health Advice

Face coverings now recommended when physical distancing is a challenge

Health and Safety Top Priority as Schools Remain Closed

Government unveils plans for reopening child care, day camps and initiatives to strengthen learning into the summer

Ontario Announces Additional Workplaces That Can Reopen

Additional seasonal, retail and household businesses must follow public health guidelines