COVID-19 Updates

Ontario Takes Additional Steps to Improve Health Care Flexibility During COVID-19 Outbreak

Emergency orders issued to help better manage health care resources

Certain Businesses Allowed to Reopen Under Strict Safety Guidelines

Steady Decrease in COVID-19 Cases Required Before Beginning Next Stage of Reopening

Ontario Providing Employers with Workplace Safety Guidelines

Province Takes Critical Steps to Help Businesses Adapt to New Environment

More Frontline Workers Eligible for Emergency Child Care

Ontario To Help More Essential Staff During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Ontario Helping Businesses Overcome the Unique Challenges Created by COVID-19

New Website Accepting Proposals for Temporarily Changing Rules and Regulations

Ontario Unveils Guiding Principles to Reopen the Province

Premier and Ministers Commit to New Phased Approach for a Safe Restart and Recovery

Ontario Supporting Frontline Heroes of COVID-19 with Pandemic Pay

Government Recognizes the Dedication and Sacrifice of Frontline Workers

Ontario Allows the Redeployment of Staff to Better Care for Vulnerable People During COVID-19

Emergency orders support seniors, the deafblind community, and vulnerable communities

Ontario Provides Urgent Relief for Small Businesses and Landlords

Rent Assistance in Addition to Billions in Measures to Support Business During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Ontario Delivers Action Plan to Increase Protection for Vulnerable People and Those Who Care for Them

Additional measures will help stop the spread of COVID-19